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Interior Car Rack Product Details

The SeatRack Interior Cargo Rack are designed to secure long loads inside your vehicle by easily and temporarily replacing the passenger side headrests.

  1. Removable protective covers increase grip and help prevent damage to your cargo
  2. Fits seats with removable headrests; posts adjust to any width
  3. 54-Inch strap with metal buckle
  4. Camera/Accessory Mount (Sold Separately)
  5. Adapter Sleeves for various post diameters

Each Kit Includes:

  • (2) Cargo Bars
  • (4) Posts
  • (2) Protective Covers
  • (2) Straps (54″)
  • (1) Post Adapter Set
  • (1) Heavy Duty Zippered Storage Bag
  • (1) Installation and Use Instructions and Warnings

Parts/Accessories (sold separately):

  • Camera/Accessory Mount
  • Convertible Top Vehicle Strap (required when product is used with convertible top down)
  • Extra Long Strap set