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What’s Our Interior Car Racks All About?

Like you, we surf, snowboard, ski, fish, wakeboard, paddle (insert activity here) and when we’re done playing, we also have work projects, home maintenance, and pop-up hauling needs.

We’ve owned countless styles of roof racks and while we still use them when necessary, we always find ourselves loading the inside of our vehicles and sweating over stabilizing the load and the inevitable scratch, gouge, rip, broken windshield, or damaged cargo.

With safety and convenience in mind, we designed and built the SeatRack Interior Cargo Rack.

Do you want to:

  • End the wind noise from racks and cargo?
  • Get the best fuel mileage possible?
  • Keep your toys clean and safe from theft?
  • Keep the interior of your vehicle undamaged?

Then you’re like us and we invite you to enjoy the benefits of our interior racks.

The SeatRack Interior Cargo Rack is designed and manufactured in the US of the highest quality materials. It is designed to last decades of regular use and every part is replaceable if damaged or lost.