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Common Questions About Our Interior Cargo Racks

What are the advantages of using the SeatRack Interior Cargo Rack?

You can transport cargo and gear inside your car. We all carry long, awkward objects inside our car from time to time. SeatRack allows you to do this in a way that protects the interior of your car including seats, dashboard, windows, and your headliner. You can see your cargo at all times and it won’t fly off onto the road. When your cargo is secure, you can concentrate on safe driving.

What are the advantages of using the SeatRack Interior Cargo Rack as opposed to a roof rack system?

Roof mounted rack systems are expensive. Can be upwards of $500 if you add locks. That’s the basic system not including special attachments. The SeatRack system allows you to keep your cargo safe from theft by just locking your doors. Tying cargo to your roof can be difficult due to height and poor access. Loading your cargo on the SeatRack system is accomplished without climbing and reaching. No road grime, salt or UV, your stuff stays cleaner, lasts longer.

Seems a little expensive for its size?

$129.95 is far less expensive than even the lowest quality roof mounted racks. We make the SeatRack Interior Cargo Rack in the USA. The quality is worth it.

Does the aerodynamic drag associated with roof mounted rack systems reduce fuel economy?

Yes, a lot! When automobile companies design a new vehicle they take into consideration the overall drag coefficient in order to meet efficiency requirements. The addition of roof racks and other options increase drag and introduce turbulence to an otherwise smooth body. Aerodynamic drag increases and efficiency drops exponentially the faster you drive. Depending on the vehicle, the effects of an empty rack can be dramatic – as much as 15%. Add cargo to the racks and drag increases even more.

See these links: Iroof-racks.htm

Are roof racks really that noisy?

Yes. Experiment by removing just the crossbars on your rack, you will notice the difference.

Will transporting gear and cargo inside my vehicle protect it from sunlight (UV), weather, road dirt/grime, rock chips, salt, and other damaging factors?

Yes. Your cargo is not immune from the damage caused by these factors. Sunlight is especially harsh on equipment and gear. Now your cargo is protected by the roof of your car.

Will the Interior Cargo Rack fit every vehicle?

Just about. It will fit nearly every vehicle with removable headrests (estimated 95% of current cars on the market today). It will not fit vehicles with headrests that: a) have electric height adjustment, b) are recessed into the seat top, c) have integral entertainment systems, d) are not removable, e) have a post diameter or shape different than the four sizes provided in the kit

Is there a fit chart?

No. SeatRack will compile and publish a list of vehicles the product WILL NOT fit but only as we receive this information.

Can I use the SeatRack Interior Cargo Rack in multiple vehicles?

Absolutely! It can even be packed in your luggage and used as a travel rack.

How long does it take to assemble and adjust the first time?

About five to ten minutes. If needed, refer to the vehicle owner’s manual to determine how to remove the headrests.

How long does it take to install once adjusted?

About one minute or as fast as it takes to remove and replace your headrest. Once adjusted, it can be placed in the storage bag for quick installation when you need it again.

How much weight can the racks hold?

Up to 25 LBS/11 KG per rack – 50 LBS TOTAL

What if I already have a roof rack?

Although the SeatRack system can’t do everything a roof mounted rack system can, it offers many of the same capabilities and advantages such as reduced wind noise, increased fuel economy, theft and damage protection. Remove your roof racks so you save money on fuel and use your SeatRacks day to day. Your roof racks will be there for your major hauling needs.