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News / 08.10.2016

The SeatRack Story

SeatRack is an interior cargo rack that carries long objects easily and securely, keeps your belongings safe from theft and weather, and fits comfortably inside your car. It seems like a simple idea, but the road to SeatRack wasn’t exactly straight.

It started, as most brilliant inventions do, with a problem. Like many people, we regularly used our cars to haul long and unwieldy objects, such as wood for DIY projects and our beloved surfboards. We had roof racks, but we didn’t always want to bother with them. Instead, we often put those long objects inside our cars, balancing them across the seats or resting the ends on the dashboard.

The lightbulb went off one stormy day when Andrew needed to get a load of steel bars from the hardware store to his home. Because it was pouring, he didn’t want to use his roof rack. Instead, he wrestled the bars into his car and then tied them to his headrest so they wouldn’t roll around. It wasn’t until he was driving home, his steel bars safely secured, that the wheels began to turn.

“What if there was a cargo rack that was designed to go inside your car or truck instead of on top of it?” Good question.

We’re both product designers, and we enjoyed the challenge of creating a new solution to an old problem. We began playing around with different ideas, sketching out various designs and bouncing them off each other for feedback. After a three or four iterations, we found a design that worked. That design was SeatRack.

Sometimes, if you want something, you have to invent it yourself. That’s exactly what happened with SeatRack. Since that stormy day with the steel bars, we’ve come a long way. Our unique SeatRack design includes a 54-inch strap with a metal buckle to keep your stuff secure, removable protective covers that increase its grip and prevent damage to your cargo, and a camera mount to help you record your latest escapades. SeatRack is more than an interior cargo rack—it’s a way to make your life easier, and your car smarter. Best of all, it’s available right now—order yours today. The adventure awaits!