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News / 09.01.2016

5 Ways SeatRack Is Better Than A Roof Rack

You can’t drive through the mountains or along the coast without seeing roof racks. They’re perched on top of every car, truck, and SUV, carrying precious cargo like surfboards, snowboards, and outdoor gear. Just because roof racks are everywhere, however, doesn’t mean they’re the best solution for the age old challenge of transporting your gear. There are plenty of downsides to securing important things to your roof, but there hasn’t been an alternative—until now.

SeatRack, the interior cargo rack, solves many of the problems that have plagued roof rack owners. Thanks to a simple yet powerful design, it allows you to transform the headrests on the passenger side of your car into a safe and secure rack for oversized items. When it comes to cargo racks, SeatRack is the clear winner. See for yourself:

Damage Control  

Many people who use roof racks face an unpleasant reality—the rack and all the things they use it to carry can cause damage to the roof of their vehicle. Deep dents and chipped paint are no joke, especially if you care about resale value and/or rust. Others are worried not about the car itself, but about their surfboards—there are many stories of items flying off racks and getting damaged or, worse, hurting someone else on the highway. With SeatRack, these concerns disappear. Our innovative design won’t damage your vehicle, and there’s no safer place than right beside you.

Installation Woes 

Putting a rack on your car shouldn’t be rocket science. If it’s difficult to install, you won’t want to use it, and you’ll worry that you haven’t secured it properly. SeatRack is an easy way to avoid these issues. Just remove your headrests, slide SeatRack into place, and voila—you’re ready to go! You can also adjust your SeatRack to any width, and the 54-inch strap means you can secure items of many different sizes. Snow, surf, or sun—with SeatRack, you’re covered.

Did You Hear Something?

Traditional roof racks have a way of vibrating while you’re driving. They can also catch the wind and create a dull droning sound that’s so loud it’ll drown out your tunes, not to mention the awesome conversations that happen on road trips. Because SeatRack is inside your car, it’s protected from the wind, and because it’s secured to your seats, it won’t shake, rattle, or roll. We like the sound of that!

Security Issues  

Many roof racks work well when you’re in your car, but if you pull over to refill your gas tank or take advantage of a great hike, you have a choice to make. Enjoy yourself and live in the moment, or worry that someone is going to steal your prized possessions while you’re gone. Save yourself this worry with SeatRack. It stores your surfboard, snowboard, or skis inside your car instead of on top of it, where they can be locked safely and securely until you return.

No Time for DIY  

You’ve seen it on the road. Maybe you’ve even done it yourself. (Don’t worry—this is a judgement-free zone. Your secret is safe with us.) A pair of hands reaching up and holding on to something large as it balances precariously on the roof. Not only is this incredibly unsafe, but you also risk a ticket for putting others in danger. Skip this unnecessary risk and buy a SeatRack instead. It’s much easier to slide your cargo onto your interior rack then it is to hold on to something while you’re going 50 miles per hour down the highway.

Ready to try SeatRack for yourself? Order one today and enjoy your next adventure, stress free! We guarantee it.