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DIY / 10.26.2016

The 5 Best Tools for DIY Projects

As everyone knows, fall is the best time to tackle do-it-yourself projects. The weather is finally cooling down, which means spending time in your yard or garage is actually pleasant. The kids are back in school, so they’re not underfoot when you’re operating power tools. And you actually have time to get big projects done, thanks to that pocket of downtime between summer vacations and winter holidays.

Whether your DIY project involves remodeling your house, rebuilding your fence, or redesigning your furniture, there are a few tools it is essential to have on hand. The following five are our favorites.


A handsaw has a two foot long blade that tapers from the heel to the toe. We like to have a handsaw on hand because there are times when you don’t want to bust out the power saw, need more precision in your cuts, or simply want to enjoy the feeling of using your own muscles to get a job done. In these cases, the handsaw is your best friend.

Electric Drill

A cordless drill is a must-have tool. It can bore small holes in to your drywall for hanging photos, and can easily fasten building materials together. If you’re building something big—a new bedframe, a bookshelf, or a fence—a cordless drill will save you tons of time, not to mention your sanity. As long as it’s charged, you don’t have to worry about plugging it in, either. (We recommend keeping a backup battery on hand, just in case.)

Locking Pliers

These adjustable pliersare useful as a hand-held vice or a clamp. They can lock firmly onto a workpiece, usually one of metal, and are priceless when it comes to tightening small parts and pipefittings. They can be used to unscrew, bend, or manipulate a range of materials in many different ways, and they’re perfect for all those nuts and bolts you accidentally stripped.


Every self-respecting DIY aficionado has at least one hammer. This workhorse isn’t just for banging in nails. You can also use the clawed end to remove old or damaged nails, forge metal, or break apart objects. There’s a reason every tool belt has a hammer loop!


If you thought your SeatRack was just for carrying your surfboard to and from the beach, think again. This interior cargo rack is a great solution for any large and bulky items, and that includes building materials for your projects, such as lumber. The sooner you get what you need home (safely and securely, of course) the sooner you can start working your DIY magic. If you don’t already own one, order yours today.

What DIY projects are you planning this fall? Let us know on Facebook or tag us in your finished products on Instagram!