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News / 11.29.2016

5 Awesome Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Surfer

Thanksgiving is over and Halloween is a distant memory. You know what that means—the holiday season is in full swing! While it might feel like Christmas is still weeks away, you’re already behind if you haven’t started making your list and scoring great deals. To help you give your favorite surfer the best holiday ever, we’ve created this awesome gift guide. Trust us—anyone who lives to surf will appreciate the following presents under their tree.

1. A Backup Leash

Every surfer has at least one leash, but what do you do when that leash snaps and breaks? If you’re in the middle of a great day of surfing or the surf shop is closed, you won’t be able to replace it and your great day is cut short—total bummer. That’s why a backup leash is so important, and why it’s the kind of thoughtful and inexpensive gift a surfer will appreciate. Plus, when their leash snaps and they have your gift on hand, you’ll save the day without lifting a finger. Not bad!

2. A Pair of SurfEars

The idea behind SurfEars was born in 2011 when one of the inventors caught a serious ear infection during a surf trip to Morocco. Totally deaf in one ear for nearly a week and forced to stay out of the water, the infection was a real pain. On the bright side, it made him realize he needed a product that would protect his ears without affecting important senses like hearing or balance, which are crucial senses for surfers and other water athletes. The result is SurfEars, which will keep your surfer happy, healthy, and in the water, right where he or she belongs.

3. Tree Tribes Bamboo Shades

Most surfers have a healthy respect for the environment, which is why they’ll appreciate a pair of Tree Tribe sunglasses. These sunglasses are made from real bamboo, and the company plants ten trees for every pair sold. Nice! The other awesome thing about these sunglasses? They float in water, which means your thoughtful gift won’t sink to the bottom of the sea.

4. Action Camera

Action cameras are small, simple, and tough, and make it easy to capture you adventures so you can relieve them for years to come. You can also mount them easily to your SeatRack (see number 5 on this list) and capture all the best moments from your road trips, too. Two action cameras is better than one, so if your surfer already has one, he or she will most likely appreciate a second one!

5. A SeatRack

Did you think we’d leave our own product of this list? Of course not—especially when SeatRack is the best interior cargo rack a surfer could ever hope to find. Ideal for weekend warriors and early morning beach-goers, SeatRack is a great way to load up your favorite board and catch a few waves before the rest of the world has finished their first cup of coffee. So really, giving the gift of SeatRack is giving the gift of surfing, and what could be better than that? For someone who loves to surf: nothing.

We hope this list helps you find the perfect gift for your favorite surfer! If you have ideas to add to this list, let us know on Facebook. Happy shopping!